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 The Shield - Rollins' betrayal and separation

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PostSubject: The Shield - Rollins' betrayal and separation   Sun 26 Jun - 0:49

Information from this page

On the June 2 episode of Raw following Payback, Triple H announced his intention to continue Evolution's feud with The Shield, but Batista quit WWE for a second time, officially ending Evolution's feud with The Shield.

Later that night, with The Shield in the ring, Triple H's "plan B" for destroying The Shield turned out to be Rollins suddenly attacking Ambrose and Reigns with a steel chair, signalling Rollins' official departure from the group and re-alignment with The Authority.

On the June 9 episode of Raw, Rollins described his betrayment as severing a business relationship and that he had destroyed "his own creation" to further his own interests, while Ambrose and Reigns (still labelled as The Shield) addressed Rollins' betrayal, with the former describing Rollins as a "cancer" in The Shield, while the latter said Rollins "committed the most unforgivable sin".

Later that night, Ambrose and Reigns had what would be their final match as The Shield, teaming up with John Cena to defeat The Wyatt Family.

While Ambrose and Reigns did not fall out with each other, they did begin to take separate paths, as Ambrose declared his intentions to take revenge on Rollins while Reigns set his sights on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

On the June 16 episode of Raw, Ambrose debuted new theme music while no longer wearing The Shield's attire and entering the ring through the traditional entrance, while Reigns largely retained The Shield's ring attire and theme music, as well as continuing to enter the ring through the live audience; this indicated that Ambrose and Reigns were now working on their own and that The Shield had quietly disbanded.

On the June 24, 2014 episode of Main Event, Reigns confirmed that he was on his own and no longer with The Shield, thus confirming that The Shield had dissolved.

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The Shield - Rollins' betrayal and separation
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